Case overview

Puressence is a cleaning company since 2009. The starting point of their philosophy is 
cleaning and hygiene in a professional level which are procedures that are very significant- and in some industries with standards regulated by the law. At the same time, there are cost pools, and many of these costs are well hidden and hence difficult to manage. 

Their goal was to drastically reduce costs without changing at all the quality of their services.

The Brief

Puressence initial request was to automate the daily sales cycle with the creation of an online platform. Integration in real time with their existing ERP was a must. In other words, the whole idea was to enable anyone involved in ordering (Sales Force and B2B customers) to view products, check availability and place orders online. This automation will enable quicker and more accurate order registration, picking and delivery.


Our Approach

With this development our goal was to secure the smooth running of Puressence, adapt current and future market changes and to connect their business functions under one unified platform. Gaining easy and real time access to data will support the management to make right business decisions and align the business with the system capabilities.