Case overview

Gevorest is a company started in 1967. In Gevorest, sleeping as an important life value is a core element of philosophy and product strategy. At Gevorest, they consider its essential to manufacture each product in such a way that customers receive a return on their investment especially since good sleep is an investment worth making.

The Brief

The exceptional complexity of the project was the main characteristic of the initial brief we received from  the customer. The request was to develop a user friendly platform with various modules covering all aspects of their daily operations like, B2B module, POS and other custom developments  all connected with their ERP for data exchange and update like products with various combinations, customers, orders etc. in real time.

Our Approach

Based on Gevorest’s vision we created software solutions that helped to evolve and develop an easy to use  system across all departments  with ultimate goal to work more efficient, automated with accuracy leading to sales increase. Today, Gevorest name is synonymous with quality and counts 14 stores in Cyprus at the same time is preparing to expand abroad.