Case overview

Athlokinisi started as a family run business and opened its first store in 1989 in the historic center of Limassol. The company’s core passion has always been sports
and it has always valued customer satisfaction. Throughout the years the company has managed to be ahead of competition, to gain customer trust and loyalty, and to spread its passion for sports. The vision of the company has always been to be the best sportswear company in Cyprus with the most differentiated collections at the most competitive prices.

The Brief

Athlokinisis goal was to create a reliable and user friendly e-shop, highlighting the product mix with detailed descriptions, impressive images, incorporating their offline exceptional pricing policy. An automated process was requested to mass import and setup product feed and images in the eshop. Another important request was the Interface with their ERP for exchanging all necessary information like customer details, orders, price changes, payments, new products and vouchers.

Our Approach

Our goal for Athlokinisis was to strengthen its dynamics and recognition as an international brand. These would be achievable by developing the infrastructure to support their modern digital marketing actions aiming to a further market penetration. Upgraded  online presence leading to a substantial online customer acquisition and continuous sales increase.